Engagement through experience

Maximising Business / Optimising Resources


What if....

  • Your teams understood their personal operating modalities.
  • Your teams could relate their operating modalities to the work place being more productive?
  • That improved productivity created more time and a better work/life balance?

The answer

  • Your teams will be more engaged…
  • More engaged staff equals improved efficiency…
  • Improved efficiency equals reduced cost and improved profits!

The Business Maximiser is an explorative journey for executives that provides insight into their personal operational modalities with the overarching outcome being organizational optimisation and improved productivity.

The program works with your organisations executives in the following steps:

  1. Pre-Program Productivity Measurement
  2. 30 Minute Pre-Workshop Discussion
  3. Workshop (See Diagram)
  4. 1-Hour Post-Workshop Coaching Session (One on One) – at one month post.
  5. 30 min Post Workshop Follow Up (Telephone) – at two months post.
  6. Post-Program Productivity Measurement

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