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In today’s intense business environment, we often forget that our staff are people too. People with lives outside of work! No matter how much you want to separate the two, your people’s home life will always effect their job and their job will always influence their home life.

Depending on the situation, this can have a positive or negative impact on productivity. The outcome of which is a positive or negative impact on revenue.

Let’s face it, an engaged employee is a productive employee.

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More and more companies recognise the connection between the work and home environment and many companies now engage corporate health and wellness programs that account for this connection.

The Fired Up Group provides a series of experiences that lead your teams on an exploitative journey that provides insight into their personal operational modalities (why they think, act and behave as they do).

Through this journey, they learn how to be more mindful of their thinking, their bodies and the things in their environment that effect their ability to optimise. The program helps participants recognize the early inset of values that influence their thinking and they are led through a passage that aligns goals (personal and organisational) to their operational modalities. This insight is combined with a series of tools and tactics to produce an improved understanding of self and self-management that results in enhanced efficiency and productivity and an overarching improvement in work/life balance and vocational satisfaction.

Programs can also culminate in a weekend experience involving the participant’s children (Business Optimiser) to truly hammer home the value of a balanced work/family life.

The Fired Up Group’s unique combination of health and business knowledge will provide your team with an experience they will never forget.

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Maximising Business / Optimising Resources

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