A lot of people can call themselves an Executive Coach, but have they actually been there?

I have!

I have sat in the CEO’s chair. I have taken businesses from loss to profit from the brink of administration to desirable acquisitions. I have been at the helm in business turnarounds and positioned businesses for sale.

I know how lonely it is at the top and I know that there is no one to talk to.

Well now there is.


My Credentials

National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA)

When I inherited the big chair (CEO) of the infamous National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA), it had a negative balance sheet, over a million dollars in tax debt, a tattered reputation and an ethos of poor service and products. Four years later I could boast being the only CEO since 2004 to table profit and do so throughout my tenure and I positioned the NSCA as a desirable acquisition for Australia’s biggest conglomerate; Wesfarmers.

After facilitating the acquisition of the NSCA by Wesfarmers, I was responsible for the transition of the NSCA business into the Wesfarmers Group. I lead the organization through the necessary change management and integration of business functions whilst ensuring continued achievement of strategy and profit.

The future of the NSCA was never more secure when I stood down.

IPAR Rehabilitation

Similarly, I also did a turnaround on IPAR Rehabilitation. In 2005 I was the State Manager for IPAR Rehabilitation. When I stepped into the role they were heavily in loss and needed someone to stop the bleeding. When I left two years later IPAR Rehabilitation was highly profitable and went on to become one of BRWs fastest growing businesses two years running.

They were tough years and I could not have done it without an Executive Coach.

So now that you know that I am battle scared and a survivor, I would like to help you and your organisation to:

  • Improve productivity;
  • Optimise performance;
  • Strategise ideas;
  • Find more time in your day;
  • Balance family and professional careers; and
  • Work with you and your team on all aspects of your business.

I can Fire Up you, your executive team and your organisation.

Whether you are looking to work with me over a period of time, have a specific project that you need my input or want to accelerate your personal or organisational growth through my maximiser programs. I can help you and your organisation.

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